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WellSense Medicare Advantage HMO not only provides you access to the doctors and hospitals in New Hampshire you want and the prescription drug coverage you need, it keeps your costs low while providing much more than that.

With our plan, you have an over-the-counter allowance, fitness reimbursements, dental benefits, vision coverage, hearing coverage, meals, transportation and much more!

A $500 over-the-counter (OTC) card

Your WellSense Medicare Advantage HMO plan provides an OTC card with $125 added each quarter (in January, April, July, and October) to buy approved everyday items throughout the year at stores across New Hampshire. That is up to $500 per year to buy select first aid supplies, dental care supplies, fiber supplements, vitamins and much more!

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Personal emergency response system

Members receive a personal emergency response system to keep with them at all times. This allows a member to simply press a button to activate their phone and connect them with an emergency dispatcher who will send help.

Dental, vision and hearing

Dental health, vision and hearing are all vital to your overall health. The WellSense Medicare Advantage HMO plan is designed to provide the benefits you need to ensure you stay healthy.

Service Description
  • 2 exams per year
  • 2 cleanings per year
  • X-rays
  • Comprehensive coverage up to $7501 per year
  • 1 exam every 2 years
  • $200 toward eyewear every 2 years
  • $1,000 toward hearing aids per year

1Comprehensive dental includes non-routine services, diagnostic services, restorative services, endodontics, periodontics, extractions and other services


Need a ride to your doctor’s appointments? WellSense can help with that. Each year, our members can receive 24 one-way trips to their appointments at no cost. WellSense can also reimburse members for mileage if their family or friends drive them to appointments.

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Fitness reimbursement

WellSense wants to help members live their best lives. Fitness is a big part of that and the WellSense Medicare Advantage HMO plan provides a fitness reimbursement for your fitness club membership or fitness tracker purchase. You can be reimbursed for up to $100 per calendar year for items such as:

  • Membership in a health club or YMCA
  • Exercise classes such as water aerobics, yoga, pilates or home exercise programs
  • Fitness tracker such as a smart watch or pedometer that is wearable and tracks your health and activity levels

Once you are a member, fitness reimbursement forms are available on the your plan information page.

Home meal benefit

Following a surgery or hospitalization, the WellSense Medicare Advantage HMO plan provides meals to members to help them get well. Meals are ordered (directly through WellSense) and are based on your taste and your diet. You can get up to 14 meals delivered after surgery or hospitalization, up to 28 for each year.